4 Steps to Minimize Your Budget

1) Plan

Planning is always step one. In addition to planning the big picture, it is important to also remember the small things like logistics. For example, make sure new appliances and electronics will fit through the doorway.

2) Keep the same floorplan

If possible, keep appliances, walls, and water fixtures in the same location. Changing the location of plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, and knocking down walls is costly.

Kitchen floorplan

3) Don’t go overboard on appliances

State-of-the-art appliances may be tempting, but it is a better investment to spend elsewhere. Concentrate your money on long-term features that add value like cabinets and flooring instead.


4) Be Quality-Conscious

Functionality and durability should be top priorities. Choose products that require little maintenance and have long warranty periods. If you plan on moving soon, products with good warranties can be a selling advantage.